• How I can change ip cam ?
    For better compatibility, TP-Link keeps testing all the mainstream modems all over the world, and continuously updating the firmware and compatibility list as soon as a new modem get compatible. However, some customers still encounter compatible problem, this document will guide you to do the troubleshooting and resolve it.
     Please click on the problem category below for solutions:
              Situation 1: 3G/4G modem/Region/ISP is not listed in the compatibility list of our router.
           We recommend our users to check the 3G/3.75G USB Modem Compatibility List before purchasing our 3G router. This list contains the tested modems with corresponded information such as region/ISP. If your country is not in the list, please take “Other Location” option for reference only.
    Please note, due to the firmware upgrading or various parameters changed by some 3G ISPs, there are some 3G modems in the "Other Location" list that may NOT be compatible with our router. So please be careful with the “Other Location” list.
           If you have a 3G modem out of the region’s compatibility list, we recommend you to test your 3G modem with our router before purchasing, and we do really appreciate receiving your feedback to TP-Link Support as it is really valuable information for other customers.
           Situation 2: My 3G/4G modem is not identified by the TP-Link router.
          Unknown modem
         (1)Update Firmware
    Please click here to download the latest firmware and then upgrade the firmware of your router.
         (2)Upload Modem Bin File
    When we make a brand new modem compatible with our 3G router without the new firmware released right away, we will upload the Modem Bin File to our website at first. Please click here  to go to the Modem Bin Filepage to download it if the bin file for your modem is available.
    Then please go to Network-> 3G-> Modem settings-> Add New toupload the Modem Bin File
    Finally, please go to System Tools-> Reboot and reboot your 3G router,.
    If the modem still cannot be identified by the 3G router, please plug your modem to the router then restart the router and wait for about 5-10min, next go to System Tools-> System Log to save the log of the router andthen send the log with some other related information such as the 3G modem model, your country name and ISP to TP-Link support ..
      Situation 3: 3G/4G modem is identified, but there is no internet access through the TP-Link router.
    Before sharing the broadband with our 3G router, please make sure you do have Internet access with the 3G modem on PC/Laptop directly.
    Now we assume that your 3G modem can be identified successfully by the 3G router, as you can see the following picture. Here we take Huawei EC169 as an example.
    If you cannot have Internet via the 3G router, it may be caused by following issues.
       (1) No SIM or incorrect SIM
    It is necessary for you to have a suited SIM and 3G modem, and please make sure that you have installed your SIM into the 3G modem correctly.
       (2) PIN Verification
    Some SIM cards need to validate the PIN number by factory default. If so, please plug the 3G modem into your PC directly, and then disable this function in the bundled 3G modem utility. Here we take two models as example.
      (3) Mismatched parameters
    When we try to connect to a 3G network, some parameters such as Dial number, APN, username andpassword are required. It is very important for us to know the correct information. If you see the following red-circled words in the System Tools-> System Log page, that means you need to ask your ISP (who provide you the 3G service) to confirm the above parameters.
    After you get the correct information from your ISP, please type them into the “Network-> 3G” page as the following picture.
       (4) Signal strength
    If the 3G signal is weak or unstable in your location, there will be a probability to suffer this problem, so it is recommended to compare the performance in a different place.
    If you still suffer this problem after following the troubleshooting procedures above, please save the system log (click here to check how to save it) and feel free to contact with TP-Link support).
    Situation 4: Internet is not stable,drops frequently though the TP-Link router.
    Please first make sure that your 3G modem has been identified successfully and dialed up to the Internet on the router.
           (1) Comparison
    If you suffered the problem of dropping Internet frequently, please save the log and send it to us first. Then unplug the 3G modem from the router and plug it directly to PC/Laptop in the same place to test whether there is a similar phenomenon. More tests and comparisons would be better.
    If not, please plug the 3G modem back into the router and compare the performance in a different place.
    What’s more, please also compare the performance between wired connection through Ethernet cable and wireless connection to check whether there are any differences about this issue.
           (2) Connection Mode
    Please go to Network-> Internet Access and select 3G Only option.
    Next please go to Network-> 3G and select Connect Manually of Connection Mode option.
    If you still suffer this problem after following the troubleshooting procedures above, please save the system log (click here to check how to save it) and feel free to contact with TP-Link support.
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    yas you can do it

  • Why my wired local network link speed on the computer shows 100 Mbps when the router says it is 150 Mbps/300 Mbps capable?

    A: As we explained above, 150 Mbps/300Mbps refers to the maximum wireless link speed. The wired local network link speed is decided on the capability of router’s LAN ports, the characteristics of Ethernet cables and the Ethernet Adapter of the computer. If the router has 100mbps LAN ports, the local network link speed will show 100Mbps.

  • What are the most frequent asked questions about the TP-Link routers' speed?

    A: 150 Mbps and 300 Mbps means the maximum wireless links speed the router can provide. It is the internal WLAN connection speed between the computer and the router, not the internet speed.

    For windows

    For Mac OS
    Make sure you select network utility. Select Info tab and choose Wi-fi (en0 or en1) on the drop-down options. Please note that the Link Speed is your wireless connection speed. In this example, my connection speed is set to 450 Mbit/s (Mega bits per seconds).